Alone at last


A sunny, very sunny day in Brussels.

I was supposed to be working from home but I decided at 16.00 to call it a day and to FINALLY have this beer on my own on the terrace of the Barbeton.

Of course I took my pink Vaio laptop with me, I mean a Mac in a trendy bar is sooo common.

I ordered a Vedett, found a table under the sun (not such an achievement during working hours, allright), asked flippantly the Wifi password and put on my laptop.

I thought I would feel so good, so comfortable, so hype.

Then I remembered  it is completely stupid to try and surf on a laptop under the sun, because you don’t see shit. And your beer gets warm, which is quite annoying when you expect to stay for a while, because you don’t want to get drunk on your own.

Besides, I did not really have anything to write. I have been working for weeks in a basement (so much fun, auditing a bank) and have not been doing anything fascinating with Emma.

And I hate the Barbeton. I hate that kind of bar where you have to order at the counter even when there is not a soul, and the barman seems to do you such a favor when he actually gets you what you ordered and nothing more.

Then a couple of girls sat next to me and started chatting in English. They were talking in an inspired way about their life, relationships, expectations… I wondered whether I had ever been as free, profound and goodlooking.

God, I am old. And I have been listening to superficial bullshit for an hour without writing a word, now my laptop is almost unloaded (I never had so much time alone to see the battery run flat so I didn’t think about taking it with me).

17.05. I need to pick up Emma at 18.00 at the crèche.

It would be nice to have a walk with her under the sun, though.

Allright, let’s pay and get to her.

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