You don’t have to leave Brussels because it’s 30C°


30°C is not the regular summer temperature in Belgium, let alone in June.

So what do we Belgian people do when Mr Meteo foresees a warm and sunny WE? We get (1) into our car and (2) stuck in the traffic jam in the direction of the coast.

Well, not all of us, though.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am personnally a huge fan of the Belgian Coast and one of those who find its disordered constructions attractive.


But it has something quite fascinating, wandering in melting Brussels : light flowered dresses invade the streets, all glasses are filled with rosé, you discover that there actually are ice-cream makers on every corner and there is like a tacit agreement between the catering industry and the city administration whereby the first can transform the most improbable places in terraces. And people talk to each other. Firstly because Belgian are always good-humored when they can catch some sun, secondly because they have a great topic of discussion. We just adore chatting about the weather.

However, I must admit that being with a baby makes enjoying this stuff kind of complicated.

I didn’t want to go too far, but we needed a refreshing walk. In a (rare) ecologic impulse, I took the metro with Emma and we got to Brussels Park (or Parc Royal/Warrande Park), located in the city center, in front of the Royal Palace.


There are more aerated parks in Brussels (check them there :, but I like it because it is very geometrical and wooded.

Whether you are a sun addict or a rational “shadow seeker”, finding the perfect spot is easy. Pick a place on the grass between the bikini girls, the picnicking families and the quiet guy reading Paul Auster in his short-sleeved shirt. 

There is also a playground for small children, and 2 huge fontains wherein German tourists put their feet (I am not saying they do this all the time, but by such a weather, they do).

Unfortunately, with my legendary punctuality, guignoletwe missed Guignolet’s puppets show, a free  open air puppets theater wich takes place in the park from May to August, at 15.30 (check their website for the dates :

But Emma enjoyed running after other parents, try on the shoes carelessly taken off by our closer neighbour and stealing the ball of another little girl (of course we have a ball too, but where is the fun?).

And, more important, she SLEPT that night.

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