Brunch with kids @laFabbrica

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A rainy Sunday morning (well, I did tell you it is not always 30C° in Brussels), my heroic husband went mountain-biking and I am kind of hungry.

I always am on Sunday morning, and I feel so sad and empty when I don’t get my croissant from Charli… Fortunately, we have an online agenda, and I was aware of the fact that my husband was gonna leave at 6.00 am (read, no croissant for me).

Mmmh… where did I hear they organize a brunch for kids @La Fabbrica in Tour&Taxis? 

So, we tested it with a friend and our daughters yesterday morning, and it was pretty nice (chaotic, but nice).

First of all, the huge former industrial site of Tour & Taxis is definitely a must see, especially during the WE when it is almost empty.

Now a bouncy castle seems to invade the main hall every Sunday, and you can watch your child burning the calories of his chocolate cake from the inner terrace of the restaurant La Fabbrica (you easily spot the ones who already have eaten, they take the most improbable postures in the air while the others watch them skeptically).


You can opt for the brunch formula at 17,5€ (8,5€ for the kids) or compose your menu from either pancakes, eggs, salads, antipasti, fresh fruits… The kids brunch may be a bit too rich, but who cares on Sunday morning, right (well I don’t)?

Kids Brunch @La Fabbrica
Kids Brunch @La Fabbrica

 The restaurant also foresaw several activities to occupy the children while you’re chatting/eating (more probably trying to do both) : face painting, juggling and other circus activities… along with a small “movie corner”.

The staff is incredibly obliging and understanding, which takes a lot of your stress away when 85% of your kid’s brunch has landed under the table.

2 pieces of advice, though :

  • Book a table in advance if you want to sit on the inner terrace (the interior of the restaurant is nice, but it is easier to keep an eye on your acrobat(s) from there).
The inner terrace
The inner terrace
  • If your man does not bike on Sunday morning (nor fish, nor any of those things men do when they have a wife they need to escape from), take him with you so that you’ll manage eating a warm pancake while your kid is running, jumping and shouting everywhere).

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