Taking care of… yourself?


Today is my third Friday off, as I am going to work part-time until December. I must say even though I knew I was tired and did not hesitate long before making this decision, I didn’t realize then how much I needed this break.

I mean a whole day for myself every week is clearly a treat. And I always feel a bit uneasy when people ask me in an already approving way their rhetorical question : “So you work part-time in order to take care of your child?” (I guess I need to find some definitive and convincing answer, anyway something else than my current : “Err… no. Hum, to take care of myself, well, hum.”), but from the moment I wake up on Friday morning until I pick up Emma at the crèche, I feel so good and am so busy that I forget my guilt feelings.

Because most of the things I do on Friday, I used to do… “before”. I just can’t get them to fit in my new schedule without freaking out.

  • Quiet breakfast with Emma : no stress today, some tickling/cuddling in bed (depending how awake I am), orange juice, bread and marmalade.
  • 40′ jogging : that’s the official start of my “Feel Good Friday”. I drop off Emma at the crèche and I go for a run along the canal. I haven’t been running for more than a year now, so I am experiencing it as a newbie : the energy wave, the body consciousness… and the stiffness.
  •   A bit of administration and housework : you see it is not all about chilling ? And do you know how much money we are going to spare on penalties for late payment of parking fines (I am too ashamed to tell) ?

How clean, right? OK, the cleaning lady helped a bit.

  • Grocery shopping : fresh fruits, vegetables… and meat at the Abattoirs’s market (my husband’s gonna love this one).
  • Light lunch in a nice place. Today I went back to the place where we used to live 10 years ago : rue du Congrès, near Madou. The terrace of Miam Miam was pretty sunny, and the salad delicious (even if it doesn’t quite look like it).
  • Calling/mailing/seeing a friend : I found it quite difficult to keep in touch with friends ultimately, especially when they live far or also have a busy schedule. I must admit I have lost some of them along the way. I hope some distance from my demanding job will enable me to be there more for them.

I guess it will be quite difficult to get back to the real life within 5 months. Maybe I won’t. But I am not even sure about it.

What I really needed right now was some time for myself, to figure out what I really expect from my life.

And you don’t need to get a child to feel this way. You may also have 3 and never get this feeling I guess (but you are my personal heroine).

But if, like me, you are a thirty something new mother you probably had filled your life with work and activities before having a child.

And you have to get rid of some of those, or keep doing them all but accept doing them less perfectly.

Everybody will tell you it is just a matter of priorities.

Well, I apparently need some time to figure mines out.

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