Tiramisù, a haven of peace in Bxl centre (closed)


This is one of those addresses I can recommend you if you want to relax when eating outside with a young baby.

Tiramisù is an Italian restaurant on the Place Saint Géry, not on the noisy side, but right behind the Halles (when you are on the noisy side, of course).

Previously you could eat delicious pizzas there but when we went last week, we have been told they had some issues with the oven/pizzaiolo,.. well, we went for the pasta.

It was tasty, fresh and I can assure you the cook (only the cook…) is italian. But I am afraid to tell we don’t go to Tiramisù for its food… but for its fantastically quiet and cosy terrace at the back.

It is located in the inner court of the former “Riches Claires” monastery, the only place where you can actually catch a glimpse of the Senne, Brussels’s shy river.

It has now been transformed in apartments and the court is private property (eventhough open to the tourists during the day, but luckily you don’t see many of them – which explains the tranquillity of the place).

I remember we went there with Emma last summer and that was the first time (let me think, could it be the only one?) I have been able to grab a bite in a restaurant with her (she slept most of the time – unreal).

So if your baby is in its first months and you feel like eating outside,… that’s a tip.

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