Find beautiful shoes for your child in Brussels – an epic challenge


Children’s shoes stores are scarce in the city centre.

Last week, Emma needed some preppy shoes for a special occasion, so we went for what I didn’t expect to be such a long journey.

I usually find something nice in the colorful clothes shop Du Pareil au Même in the rue Neuve…

Pink shoes DPAM
Pink shoes from DPAM

…but their stock management puzzles me.

You apparently have to be pretty lucky, which I haven’t for weeks as none of the shoes I had spotted there were available in her size.

No worries, we live in Brussels, how difficult can it get?


Basically, there are 2 other children’s shoes stores in the centre :

  • Kids shoes : an outlet store, so there as well… let’s hope you get lucky with the available sizes. As I told, we were jinxed.  Rue des fripiers too, n°53. (just closed on april 2015)

Of course, if you are a fashion slave or want your child to become one, you definitely WILL find a gorgeous treasure at Kat en Muis in the Dansaert area (I would have, too, but times are tough).

Shoes @ Kat en Muis
Shoes @ Kat en Muis

So… as you may have noticed from the poor quality pictures, we were by bike and I started to understand that I would have to climb… to the upper side of the city.

There is one address you actually need to start such a search with : Dégrif, rue Simonis, 49 (Châtelain area).

The huge shoes outlet store has an annex dedicated to children.

I must admit I didn’t find the right pair for Emma, but there I am confident it was for the sake of this article.

Still in the outlet wave and the same area, have a look at Dod Junior on the avenue Louise.

Back to our quest, it started raining and our search had been vain.

We gave it one last chance, and this is when we rushed into… Les Casse-Pieds.

Is it the cosy atmosphere, the charming smile of the sales woman (and of the other customers, I mean we are on the upper Chaussée de Waterloo after all), her attentive advices or the more than nice children’s shoes selection?

I wonder. Anyway, this shop was a great discovery.

They have from deeply classic to trendy shoes, all from a very good quality and for relatively competitive prices.

And… my girl got her litlle posh shoes !

Posh shoes from Les Casse-Pieds
Posh shoes from Les Casse-Pieds

PS : for the sake of completeness, I heard the following children’s shoes shop are worth a visit :

To be continued…

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Désirée says:

    next time you need shoes for a special occasion in Belgium, check out
    delivery is free in Belgium!


    1. Thanks for the tip… but they stop at size 23, right?


  2. Sophie heymans says:

    Extra shoes adress
    Incontri rue du marché au charbon
    They have camper And pomme dapi
    For kids
    Thanks for all your Great tips!


    1. Indeed, and so close! thx to you too! 🙂


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