Family day Rubens at Bozar

Family Day @Bozar

Today, the Rubens exhibition by Bozar was open to families with children.

A perfect occasion for us to reconnect with art (whaaaat?), as we clearly haven’t  been in a museum for ages. And this is typically one of those activities you miss deeply when you get children and don’t have the luxury (not) to do it.

So… clearly Emma is far too young for it and ours was an egoistic move, but it ended up being a great idea because the Bozar team had foreseen so many interesting activities for the kids that Emma followed the example of the older ones and played, coloured and dressed up (!) with them.

Under the arousing title of “Sensation and Sensuality, Rubens and its Legacy”, the exhibition itself judiciously chose to present Rubens’s work according to six themes : Violence, Power, Lust, Compassion, Elegance and Poetry, You can admire some major works from Rubens (Tiger Hunt, The Garden of Love) but also related paintings from Delacroix, Watteau, Van Dyck,…

If you don’t have any kids or can get rid of them easily for a few hours, you really should check it out.

Regarding the Family Day, this is a great initiative from Bozar as you can boost your children’s sensitivity to art (the oh so friendly staff  encourages them to colour small replicas of the paintings, or to dress up and impersonate their characters,…) and you can enjoy the exhibition without dying of shame at the first shout of your otherwise so well-educated little prince(ss).

For the next Family Day we will however have to wait until 29th March… but I’ll keep you posted !

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