Snottebel – kids pop up store @ Dansaert

Snottebel pop up store

The pop up store room on the corner of the Dansaert and Lepage streets definitely hosts the nicest shops.

For now and until 27th December, you can discover the oh so cute Snottebel, where you can be sure you’ll find the perfect Xmas gift for your child(ren), those of your sister, your godchild(ren) (ok maybe not your 23-year-old brother),…

The very friendly owner obviously put as much heart and care into her product selection as in the decoration and arrangement of the store.

A glimpse of it ?

(gosh I hope my Mum sees this post)

She also spotted some original items like the natural nail varnish in pastel colours which simply goes off with soap, the posters the kids can colour before hanging on the wall (and everybody says like ‘waaaaouw, such a masterpiece’), and books that tell a story and leave some room for your child to illustrate it.

As it is only a few steps away from Brussel’s Christmas market which will start this WE, you really have no excuse not to pay this fabulous pop up store a visit… !

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  1. Anna says:

    Wow, i didn’t know the shop!
    Check out Claude Hontoir at Place Brugmann, they have a really nice choice of clothes and toys. A bit on the expensive side, but Christmas is only once a year, right?!


  2. Thank yooooooooou Caroline 🙂 Mam’Zel Snottebel


    1. Mais c’est tout naturel! j’espère que tu vas cartonner!


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