Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of coffee #2 : Café du Sablon

CAfé du Sablon

I spent my last “Friday off – cup of coffee completely alone with my laptop” morning at the Café du Sablon.

Was it nice? Of course. I mean, how could it not be nice : a few hours totally alone (how am I gonna manage my life back to full time working?) in a trendy place with free wifi and good coffee ?

The Café du Sablon, just in front of the beautiful church Notre Dame du Sablon is related to the well known Café de la Presse on the avenue Louise (did you say trendy).

The interior looks nice, a mix of (looking) comfortable vintage-style chairs, white walls and a very heigh ceiling that covers up for the narrowness of the place.

I sat at one of the window benches with cushions, which seemed the best choice for a blogging morning. Hum. Not exactly : not enough space for a (small) laptop and a cup of coffee, and I had to ignore the back pain that arose after 20 minutes.

But did I say the coffee was good? Very professional indeed.

Coffee at café du sablon

I was actually a bit ashamed to order a coffee, “just a coffee”. But what the hell, every time I dare and try something new, I regret it. I like my coffee black, without caramel, I don’t even want to know what is a chai latte (like I don’t want to learn the various kinds of gin tonic you get in every bar nowadays, I mean I used to drink gin tonics while this arrogant barman was still removing the crust from his bread).

Sooo. My conclusion is that the Café du Sablon is a nice spot for a quick coffee, for coffee lovers, and it is nice to know that there is such a place in the area. But it is not that comfy and won’t become my cosy corner.

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Intro : Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of coffee

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  1. annie says:

    oh, yes to your title 🙂


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