Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of coffee #3 : Ponti Corner (closed)

Ponti Corner

The first time I drank so many coffees I had to stop for a few days, or how I ran into the Ponti Corner.

It was a grey Friday morning, I needed to study for my IRE exams (if you are lucky enough not to know what this is about – like 99,99% of the happy Belgians – don’t bother) but I really didn’t feel like staying at home. Didn’t feel like biking very far either… that’s how I pushed the door of the Ponti Corner.

As the surroundings of the Bourse have been seriously improving lately, the Ponti Corner is a great addition to the network of comfortable coffee bars you can find in the neighbourhood.

And comfortable it was, the Chesterfield armchair I spent the whole morning in…

Chesterfield Ponti Corner

The interior of the bar has been designed by its owner, Antoine Pinto (Belga Queen).
It is baroque but still soothing, and I managed to concentrate on my books despite the Russian couple, naturally  attracted by the crystal style ceiling lights and the dark interior, who started trying the cocktails I was thinking of having a nice after work with.

But I sticked to the delicious (Belgian roasted) coffee and fresh orange juice and actually had a very productive study morning. You can also enjoy a nice and quick lunch with Belgian specialties, taste the home-made pastries… and did I mention the range of cocktails?

Ponti Corner, rue Henri Maus, 39-43, 1000 Bxl

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Intro : Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of coffee

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