Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of coffee #4 – Jat’ Café

Jat' Café

The Jat’ Café is another great place to grab a coffee, have a quick lunch or chill out with your laptop.

It is also the perfect coffee bar to meet your lovely/busy husband between 12.00 and 12.37, let’s say… once in a while.

The Jat’ is located in the Rue de Namur, hence between the museums, the posh shops and the office buildings.

So you won’t be surprised when I tell you it is frequented by (well inspired) tourists, chic shoppers, bankers and… well all those trendy people I always wonder what they do for a living (I mean I have been hanging around for a while when I was working part-time, but are they all freaking mothers too?).

Anyway, the coffee is excellent, the staff very friendly, the bagels delicious (and quickly served).

Bagels @ Jat' Café

There is free wi-fi to keep you busy (if needed) while waiting for your order – which you have to place at the counter.

The interior is very bright and you’ll find the usual vintage-scandinavian style furniture which makes a coffee bar a coffee bar nowadays. The cosy and comfortable armchairs right at the huge windows are the best spot !

I will only use their own argument to convince you further to pay them a visit :

Jat Café caffeine makes you sexy

(pic from their FB page)

Jat’ Café, rue de Namur, 28, 1000 Brussels

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Intro : Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of coffee

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