Quick and tasty lunch in Brussels *Café de l’Industrie* (closed)

café de l'industrie

How cool it is to start this serie with a freshly opened address  : the Café de l’Industrie on the place du Samedi, next to the rue de Laeken (which by the way is becoming a street to be).

Its interior is industrial/vintage, some kind of standard for hype spots nowadays but you can feel it has been designed with feeling (and… without Nicolay’s architect).

The menu is short (you have the choice between 2-3 first and main courses), but hey, it is a bistro, and my osso bucco was truly delicious.
The service is very friendly (which, once again, isn’t a must in trendy Brussels) and efficient : eventhough we originally were in a rush, we had time for a good coffee.

PS : I can tell by the size of their classic cocktails list it is also a nice spot for an evening out (happy hour from 16.00 to 20.00)…

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