Relax… @ Deep Nature Spa

Deep Nature Spa

I am definitely not the kind of girl who goes to the wellness or the spa (not even aware of the difference between both – is there any?). I mean, isn’t it for rich old bich** ladies after their stressful shopping exercise on the Toison d’Or?

That’s what I thought BEFORE my first massage, about one year after becoming a mother.

Now, I know better.

The feeling of well-being and complete relaxation that a good massage can give you, or the infinite pleasure of simply “being taken care of” (read – nothing/body to worry about)… We just deserve it, Ladies.

Last weekend I finally tested the Deep Nature Spa which opened now almost a year ago on the 3d floor of the Up-site tower (yes, again).

Deep Nature Spa

My mom, sister and I had a different treatment : a massage “L’Immersion” (which apparently deserved its pompous name), a more classic back massage and the “Bali Flowers Ritual” radiance facial…
… well, each of us thoroughly enjoyed her experience.

We liked :

  • the staff’s friendliness, professionalism and good advices : they all have at least 10 years experience and have been trained to the Deep Nature’s specific treatments
  • the beautiful warm pool and the jacuzzi
  • the deep blue and green colors
  • the free perfumed tea service
  • the exotic smell of the skin products they use : the Cinq Mondes line, made of organic or natural ingredients and inspired from beauty traditions all over the world (or so they say, and I really want to believe them)

Deep Nature Spa 5 mondes

  • the opening hours : every day from 11.00 to 21.00 (10.00 to 20.00 on weekends and public holidays).

What we liked (a bit) less :

  • the jacuzzi overlooks the canal, but unfortunately not its best side (should be nice at twilight, though)

Deep Nature Spa Jacuzzi

  • the dressing room is  a bit tight (but I guess the spa is not frequently crowded)
  • the entrance to the spa without treatment is very expensive (45€), which probably settles my previous concern.

Still, the Deep Nature Spa offers us a moment of pure escape in the very centre of Brussels.
If you long for a nice and chic wellness experience (and we know you do), you shall definitely try it!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. mespetitso says:

    Ohlala, j’avais déjà envie, mais là il faut que je teste ! 🙂 (et oui ! on le vaut bien, suis fort d’accord !)


  2. Alix says:

    Aaaah envie, envie, envie… mon anniversaire arrive doucement 😉


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