The perilous task of choosing a toddler gift

toddler gift

It is Easter / Saint Nicholas / Christmas this WE and you still don’t have any present for your godson ?

You are planning on going to Bart Smith on Saturday morning and get him some cool electric guitar like the one you soooo longed to get when you were his age (or was it last year?).


The first and most important thing to know when it comes to buying a toddler (and even more a baby) gift is : please the mother (except if your idea is to get rid of this horribly-boring-birthday-parties-obligation).

Let us be clear, until the child is old enough to tell you what he wants, he won’t reward you for your gift choice. But She may blame you.

In this society where parents are focused on their children like they are a reflection of themselves (I mean aren’t we our family on Instagram?), picking up the wrong gift can have terrible consequences indeed.

Starting with your godson never playing with this stupid guitar of yours.


So, here are a few tips that can help you through this terrible mission.

  1. If it is for a baby shower, buy something from the list (there is always one). Otherwise, ask the parents whether they have any gift idea (they always have). But if you want to keep it personal (which is quite hazardous but could be appreciated) :
  2. If you plan to buy something decorative – ask the mother. I mean, what do you think we do during those 9 never-ending months, except from surfing on those apps that tell us how ridiculously small our alien is this week? Right, we picture our baby’s bedroom.
  3. Don’t buy anything huge. And by huge, we mean : bigger than the child (yes it also applies to newborns). If you keep thinking this 2 meters clown is the perfect present for your sister’s 6 months daughter, try to discuss it with her (your sister, not the baby – who will hate this clown her whole life).
  4. It makes noise? and lights? and once the music starts you have to wait until it is finished? Don’t buy it.
  5. Consider the child’s age, particularly with toys. If you buy something he is too young to use, not only the child will get frustrated, but also the poor parents (who will break their back pushing him on this bicycle he can’t even reach the handlebar of).
  6. Don’t buy any toy the child can’t play alone with. A puppet theatre? Niiiice idea – if you are coming every day at 18.00 to perform.
  7. If you plan on buying cheap, buy small and wooden. No plastic, no electronic. No one shall ever blame you for a tight budget, except if your present is all over the place.
  8. If you want to buy something very personal like, let’s say, her first baby doll – ask the mother. Chances are she used to dream of the moment she would pick her daughter’s first Corolle. Don’t want to ruin a girl’s dream.
  9. Never, ever, ever, ever, buy an animal (except if it stays at your place, Granddad).

If you are dealing with a control freak mother (and believe me, there are many of us) : BREATHE… there are a few shops in Brussels where you can buy any article and almost be certain you are not committing any mistake :

Good luck !

Good luck!


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  1. mum says:

    A bon entendeur …salut !


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