Quick & tasty lunch in Brussels *Living Room*


You work in the surroundings of  the EU quarter and are fed up with the burgers and greasy salads from the Place du Luxembourg? You long for a cool and cosy spot to have a quick and tasty lunch?

You found just the place.

Living Room opened a few months ago on the Place Jean Rey (did you know this tiny lovely place stucked between the Belliard and Arts-Loi streets ?) and it is totally different from all those business restaurants you can find in the area.

You can grab a soup, a mix of 2 or 3 salads, a quiche, or the daily lunch (they seem to have some pretty good pastries too, but the woman is on a diet, so…). The choice is quite limited, but the food is very fresh and tasty.

LIving Room

The interior is great, with huge windows, concrete floor, rough walls and design lightning and furniture… that you can buy ! Because Living Room is not only a lunch restaurant, it is also a concept store where  you can purchase the mug you are drinking in, your table,… and all sort of pretty gadgets you had no idea you needed before you saw them there.

And they organize a Sunday brunch…

God knows the area needed such a place!

LIving RoomLIving RoomLIving Room

DIning room

Living Room, Place Jean Rey 8, 1040 Brussels

Quick and tasty lunch in Brussels

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  1. I’ve seen many nice reviews about Living room, I shall go and try it soon 🙂


    1. I think they will have a nice terrace on sunny days…! 🙂


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