Quick & tasty lunch in Brussels *Muntpunt Grand Café*

Muntpunt Grand Café

Between the crowded rue Neuve and the touristic surroundings of the Grand Place, the Muntpunt Grand Café is a cool spot to grab a quick lunch or only a cup of coffee.

It is located next to La Monnaie, on the back of the Muntpunt – the huge renovated Flemish library in the centre of Brussels (with which it communicates).

The interior is sober and dark with its black walls and (comfy) seats, but the light coming through the huge bay windows and the sight on the half pedestrian rues des Prince and Leopold  gives you a cosy feeling of space.

Floor sockets are scattered between the tables and there is free wi-fi (at least if you manage to decipher the intricate password which seems to change daily) : a great place to blog work for a few hours.

As for the lunch, the Grand Café proposes a daily meal, soups, consistent salads, the traditional croque-monsieur and other classic small dishes.

The food is very fresh and you note the aim to use local and bio ingredients.

The staff’s friendliness makes you feel at ease, and whether you are there with friends, a good book (obviously ideal when you get out of the library) or your tablet… you could easily spend the whole afternoon there without realizing it !

You understood that I love this place, in the summer with its huge and sunny terrace during lunchtime and also in the winter when it is cold outside and you can watch people struggling with their umbrella while you sip your Afflighem espresso (but beware the great door a client forgets to close behind him – some always do, damn it) .

Terrace Munpunt Grand Café

If you haven’t already, check it out!


Muntpunt Grand Café

** Quick and tasty lunch in Brussels**

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