The huge park of Tour & Taxis – almost there !

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Last year, we discovered the urban-industrial L 28 Park and its spectacular view on Tour & Taxis, which laid out the premises of a much bigger park, the famous link between Bockstael and the canal.

It had been a while since we had been there but I had heard it made good progress, and on a sunny week-end of autumn, it seemed a good idea.

Wanna give it a try? Follow the guides.


If you leave from the city center, when you approach the canal, take the Quai des péniches, which now became a very nice walk along the canal and the new Up tower area.

You almost feel by the (North) sea !

If you cross the canal just after the Up tower, you get directly to the entrace of Tour & Taxis.

What a surprise ! You can now actually go through the Tour & Taxis site and get to the park by foot or by bike !

A stroll along the Royal Entrepôt and its sheds – eventhough for now the area is still under construction – leads you to the first blades of grass and off you go, in direction of the industrial bridges (Jubilé and Jean Dubrucq).

Wait to get there to turn around… the view really is spectacular.

Tour & Taxis

Carry on and you will arrive at the Farmhouse, a greenhouse which hosts a community project, managed by local volunteers : Parckfarm. They organize workshops, Saturday veggie brunches and punctual activities, manage a small animal farm and a urban vegetable garden.
It seems to have become a true gathering place for the neighbourhood, a beautiful ecological and social project.

Just before the second bridge, take the way going up on your left and you will find a big playground designed for kids of all ages.

Further on, you will get to the tube station ‘Pannenhuis’, or you can join ‘Belgica’ by the L28 park that borders the railway line.

Jump on a tram or metro and head back to the city centre !


Just to give you an idea of the itinerary… google map still isn’t aware of it.

Map Park T&T

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