Quick and Tasty Lunch in Brussels *Chez Mauricette*

Chez Mauricette

The EU quarters are getting spoiled with some cool restaurants lately, particularly the surroundings of the Place Jean Rey, next to the Leopold park.

The latest spot is called Chez Mauricette, and behind the retro charm of its name is a peculiar salad-bar with an industrial yet cosy interior.

When I hear salad bar, I can’t help but thinking of those ugly and impersonal self-service catering with their aluminium containers in which the food has incidentally but inevitably been mixed.

Nothing of the kind Chez Mauricette, and although you can be a bit surprised by the ticket you are invited to grab at the entrance, you are quickly put at ease by the smily welcome of the staff and the appetizing dishes.

Because Chez Mauricette focuses on fresh and seasonal ingredients for a reasonable price (8€ for a generous and tasty salad).

The homemade desserts are a real treat (try the speculoos tiramisu) and you can take some sweets home, like the artisanal candies from Bon & Bon, the Jam Jam marmalade  or some tea from the Palais des thés.

You see, now you really have no reason to follow your fellow workers to the Place de Luxembourg. Lead them instead to the Rue Belliard for a quick, tasty and healthy lunch in Brussels !

Chez Mauricette

Chez Mauricette


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  1. we went there recently as well. we should have coordinated our lunches 🙂


  2. Lulu says:

    Merci pour cette découverte! Je vais aller tester ça ! As-tu déjà essayé le buffet lunch du Grand Central , à la place Jean Rey ? Il est délicieux !


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