Kids-Friendly lunch in Brussels *La Brasserie des Etangs Mellaerts*

I don’t know about you, but on Sunday morning this autumnal weather just makes me want to go out for a walk in one of the peaceful area of Brussels that gives us, poor urbanites, the strong feeling to reconnect with the nature.

Last week-end, we brought Emma to the Etangs Mellaerts, officially to feed the ducks but actually to get her on this damn scooter she so hardly wanted… until she got it. A good occasion to test the famous kids-friendly restaurant lying on the banks of the ponds.

The Etangs Mellaerts are situated in Woluwé-Saint-Pierre, on the corner of the avenue de Tervueren and the Boulevard du Souverain. Still, it really is a tranquil haven, and the short walk along the pond is very relaxing (if you are not pursued by the gooses you foolishly started to feed, that is).

The concreted path is ideal to learn your kid using any kind of wheels and, in the good season, you can hire a boat to navigate on the pond or play mini-golf.

Sunny day at Etangs Mellaerts

If you are asking for more, you can just cross the Boulevard du Souverain and get to the romantic Parc de la Woluwe, which is also a very nice spot from which you can join the green ride (promenade verte/groene wandeling).

But eventually we got hungry, and headed to the Brasserie des Etangs Mellaerts, a contemporary renovated house hosted by Restauration Nouvelle, the caterer and event organizer that also owns the Orangerie du Parc d’Egmont and the MIM’s restaurant (to name but a few).

If you are familiar with RN, you know the service can be as bad and pretentious as it can be attentive and neat.

Well, we may have been lucky but the staff was extremely gentle and effective. The menu is tasty, modern brasserie-style and there are several children meals.

On top of it : there is a very nice playroom and a closed playground ! Now I definitely enjoyed my (non-alcoholic, damn it) Sunrise.


Brasserie des Etangs Mellaerts, Boulevard du Souverain 275, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.

Other kids-friendly restaurants in Brussels ?

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  1. The Girl says:

    great pics! looks like you had lots of fun!

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