Pregnancy outfits for year-end festivities

A few days before Christmas, but you couldn’t gather the courage to face your curves and flabby thighs in the mirror of a fitting room?

Well maybe not everybody is like me, and most of you pregnant fellows actually enjoy your new appearance and find yourself pretty attractive.
Anyway, if you are still looking for a decent maternity party wear, here are some outfit ideas you can find in the Brussels’ boutiques.

If you are not too far pregnant

You may go for a loose, regular dress… no need to invest in a maternity outfit. Lucky you, this season you can find them everywhere.


Dresses are boring

Feel like wearing trousers? Are you fed up with those sticky tights, too?

I tried on the Zara trousers which, in spite of my 7 months baby bump, fitted and even felt comfortable with their elastic waistband.

Let’s shine

Wanna be the focus of attention, regardless of (thanks to!) your new curves?

Where to find them in (and around) Brussels ?

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