Orchestra – toys, childcare, clothes and so much more

Orchestra Zaventem

A few weeks ago, we were invited to discover Orchestra‘s new children wear collection… and, as far as I was concerned, its huuuuuuge store in Zaventem (close to the Ikea).

I must admit I had some negative preconceived ideas towards this French group which took over our dear Belgian Premaman a few years ago. But I was positively surprised.

They have it all

First of all, it is huge (5.000 m2) and they literally have in store everything you can think of, from pregnancy clothes, baby care articles, strollers, toys, children clothes and shoes.

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So of course, like you, I prefer the cute little shops and kids concept stores where all articles have been carefully selected by their pleasant owner.
I do, and there is no doubt I will keep visiting them.
But sometimes practicality takes precedence in a mother’s life.
Especially when she is 6 months pregnant, looking for some extra items for the future baby, her first daughter needs new shoes and she still misses some presents ‘from Saint Nicholas’ (told you it was some time ago).
Especially when she is shopping with her 2,5 years old daughter.

Emma @ Orchestra

A nice children wear collection

I found some pretty cool items in the new spring/summer collection which was presented to us. Certainly worth having a look at when the first sunrays will appear in the Belgian sky.

You can grab a bite

The Colombus coffee corner in the shop proposes bagels, sandwiches, muffins and other pastries. A nice stop for Daddy and the kids while you are looking for the last items…

There is also a kids corner to keep them busy (the children, while Daddy is sipping his coffee).

Interesting discounts

Become a member of the Club Orchestra (for 30€/year…) and get serious discounts on maternity, baby and kids fashion (50% the whole year), on shoes (10 to 30%) and up to 50% on other items.

I must admit I am an easy victim for that kind of deals, but my membership fee was more than ofsett by my purchases that day.

So, if you are planning on having a baby or have a big family… go and have a look at Orchestra in Zaventem, it may help you save time and (somehow, even) money.

Orchestra Zaventem Weiveldlaan 35 G-H 1930 Zaventem

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