Last days of pregnancy : 8 things to do

waiting for the baby

You made it. 39 weeks.You have set your out of office, officially entered into maternity leave… and the baby isn’t there yet!

Now what?

This is a very special feeling, as you can’t really make any plans. You may have two whole weeks ahead of you or your waters break the next minute.

For my first baby, eventhough I stopped working earlier, I have been totally unable to enjoy this period : firstly because I had to lie down for the last 3 months – and didn’t have Netflix at the time (but there aren’t that many episodes of Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries anyway), secondly because I had no idea what was coming next and what I was going to regret.

Well here I am now, feeling better than I did during the other 8 months of pregnancy, waiting for my second child to rock my world.

So, should I head to the most urgent matters (like the laundry I have neglected during the last working weeks), or allow myself some me-time ?

I decided to do both, and take advantage of those last few days. Of course, I set up a to do list (wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t) I am willing to share with you…

Here are some tips to pass and enjoy the time during the last days of your pregnancy.

1. Call your friends


Because eventhough you will see them soon, you won’t be able to really talk to them, and hear them.
Use the opportunity to get their postal address if you still haven’t listed them all for the birth announcements (don’t look at me like that).

2. Clean the house

It will feel so good to come back home with the baby into a tidy home.

Furthermore, exercise can induce labor, so… listen to your nesting instinct !

3. Practice yoga

If you have neglected your body and soul during the last 9 months, this is the perfect time to reconnect.

Meditation training can help you manage the pain on D day, and prenatal yoga postures will prepare your body while relieving the pregnancy related aches you may experience at this stage.

4. Grab a solo lunch or coffee

Another thing you won’t be able to do in the coming months weeks…

Pack your laptop/book and allow yourself a pause in one of your favorite spots.

5. Cook


If you find some pleasure in it, of course.

Trust me, you will be pretty glad to find this homemade lasagna in the freezer once you are back home with your baby.

6. Go to the hairdresser / aesthetician


Perfect eyebrows and a nice haircut may save the damn pictures everybody will take of you and your red baby.

And here again, tell me when you will be able to make an appointment afterwards?

7. Be romantic

He is the love of your life and you can’t wait to share with him the moments of pure happiness following the birth of your little baby.

Well, it may not be as rosy as you think at the beginning, and the odds are that your relationship will be tested at some point.

So cherish your partner, talk, cuddle, laugh, and have a warm bubble bath together.

8. Rest


Forget any guilt feeling and allow yourself a nap from time to time.  You will understand why.


And you, what’s on your to do list, or what would you do during those last days of pregnancy if you could go back in time ?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I really love your post!
    I hope you ll enjoy those last days and I wish you a wonderfull birth and meeting with your new baby!


  2. Love it!

    The hairdresser point is so true! I managed to get wax, pregnancy massage, hair, etc done a week before our little bundle of joy arrived… but haven’t had a moment to return (not even for a quick hair cut) and she is now 4 & half months old!!

    Rest, catch up with friends, purchase *thank you* cards (I wrote mine out at 2/3am on mornings in those early days), rest, catch up on reading (I used to read 2-3 books a week, now I am on the same novel in a month :)), last minute shopping for the hospital & for the new arrival … and rest… did I mention rest? You wont get to have a lazy afternoon nap for a while…. so take advantage of it while you can!


  3. chelsea says:

    hmmm i cant wait to see my lovely baby coming soon 6days to my due date jx happy am goin to see him soon

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congratulations!! 6 little days… It seems to me those days were years ago. 😱😊


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