Gaston, a new ice creams spot at Sainte Catherine

Gaston - quai aux briques

The new hot spot for families in the Sainte-Catherine area is an ice cream parlour… meet Gaston !

Comus & Gasterea, with its oh so tasty artisanal ice-creams and legendary gruff owner, used to be my favorite spot for an ice cream in Brussels. It had been closed for several months and the (long-awaited) first sunny days welcomed its colourful follower.

Gaston can’t be missed with its pleasant terrace where you can quietly enjoy a cappuccino in the morning sun or share an ice cream with the kids and the merry band of children invading the place after school… !

The ice-creams are a bit pricey (2,2€ for one ball) but very tasty. They are artisanal, with some original flavours (I am already a fan of the yoghurt-honey-lemon) and made in-house in the open kitchen, just as several home made pastries.

Gaston - quai aux briques

Gaston - quai aux briques

Gaston - quai aux briques
Because families will be welcome in Gaston’s warm interior on less sunny days too, for a piece of cake or a waffle!

Gaston - quai aux briques

Gaston, quai aux briques 86, 1000 Bruxelles

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