A bike ride along Brussel’s canal

A bike ride along Brussel's canal

Since the sun decided to show up in Brussels, and after a few test rides with Ruben in the bicycle trailer, we had several bike trips with the kids along the canal – a safe way to escape a little from the city centre with a flat bicycle path.
Follow us towards Vilvoorde!

This bike trip is around 23km. Not that much, but ideal for a first ride with the kids.

Starting from the Quai des charbonnages (A on the map), where the rue Dansaert meets the canal, you leave in direction of Tour & Taxis.
There, you just follow the bike lane until the Buda bridge, a path that will remind you that Brussels once was an important industrial haven.

Stay on the left bank of the canal, the bike path pulling a little bit away from the canal.
A few hundred meters further, you will notice a board indicating the Drie Fonteinen Domain (B), a green oasis with a small wood, big lawns, ponds… the perfect place for a picnic!
You can also enjoy a family meal on the terrace of the Brasserie within the domain (we didn’t try it, I’m a huuuuge picnic enthusiast).

Drie Fonteinen

Leaving the 3 Fonteinen, you can take the other side of the canal to get back home.
There is an imposing bridge with a bicycle path that will bring you on the other bank.
(You can also extend the ride and cross the canal on the Verbrande bridge around 3 km further.)

A very nice place we discovered last year is the Canal brasserie (C) and its pleasant terrace along the water.
Unfortunately, it was closed this time (it apparently only opens in the evening on Saturdays – make sure you plan your ride on a Sunday).
avouring an ice-cream there on a sunny day is one of my most beautiful memory of our family outings during Emma’s first year.

Credit Photo Canal Brasserie website
Credit Photo Canal Brasserie website

Finally, you get back to your previous track by crossing the Buda bridge.

When coming back to the city centre, you may notice an animated square along the canal in Laeken : Au bord de l’eau (E) is a great social initiative from the neighbourhood that brings together all kind of people living in that mixed area of Brussels.
Frequented mostly by families, there are several free animations for the kids during weekends (until October) : bouncy castle, juggling workshops,… and even a open air swimming pool (the pool will be closed after 4/9) !
Be warned, there is a very popular atmosphere, but really very Brussels.

Then you can get back to the city center through the Quai des péniches (F), admiring the nice view on Tour & Taxis, or follow your previous track next to a small green spot along the canal.
If you still have some time, why not have a glimpse at the new park of Tour & Taxis?

Quai des matériaux

After this nice ride, personally, I would have a cold Vedett on the terrace of the Walvis. But maybe it’s just me.


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  1. I’ve been in Brussels almost 9 months & had no idea there was a canal !! Haha!

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