Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of coffee #5 – MOK


MOK Specialty Coffee Roastery & Bar opened a few weeks ago at the end of the rue Dansaert, and it has become my favorite place for a 30′ me-time. 

It had been a while. Just me, my smartphone and a nice cup of coffee.

God knows we were missing a good coffee bar along the canal. I mean, we have it all : the Walvis for a Vedett (on the terrace on sunny evenings, cosy and warm inside the other days), the oh so friendly Bistro du canal for a tasty meal with a lovely glass of wine.
But we didn’t have any good coffee bar in the neighbourhood.

Now, when MOK opened, it had no choice but to be good. At least, its trendy façade created expectations.

To be clear : it met them.

It is quiet, bright, the coffee is good and I just can’t resist their pastries (I don’t remember ever feeling like eating a Bolus – what happened?).

MOK is a micro coffee roastery : you can enjoy your coffee at the bar or on the few small tables behind, casually help yourself for a refill, take a cup away, or a pack of coffee to savour at home.

If you lose track of time, no worries, they propose fresh toasts, sandwiches and salads.


Oh, I forgot to mention, they are from Leuven : read, sympathetic and relaxed. They like to share their passion and organize coffee cupping.

MOK Specialty Coffee Roastery & Bar, rue Dansaert, 196, 1000 Brussels


Some other nice adresses? Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of coffee

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