Family hotel in Brussels **Novotel Tour Noire**


Looking for a kids-friendly hotel for your trip in Brussels ?
Try the Novotel Tour Noire in the Sainte-Catherine area !

It is not common to spend the night in a hotel a few meters from home, it is even more special to do it alone with your toddler.

Emma & I

Last weekend, Novotel organized its bedtimes stories, an event for some lucky bloggers, journalists… and their kids.
The idea was to let us discover Novotel’s family spirit while sensitizing us to the importance and the art of reading stories to our kids.

Emma and I, you bet we went !

novotel bedtimes stories


I must say I used to associate Novotel with business trips… and never considered staying in a hotel with my kid(s) in the first place : afraid to feel cramped, to disturb the other guests, of the mess on the dinner table,…

Now with Emma getting four (four!!), I realized a hotel stay can be fun, especially if it is kids-friendly as the Novotel Brussels Centre.

It all starts in the lobby with a play area… and a Xbox corner (thanks God, Mister K. stayed at home).


Then, the rooms are spacious, refined and can host two adults and two children.

Two children who are accommodated and can enjoy breakfast with their parents for free!
The continental breakfast buffet is varied, tasty and served in a bright and comfortable room.

Emma breakfast Novotel Brussels
If I still had any doubts about my daughter’s food preferences being -sadly- exactly those of her dad… now that’s settled.


In the evening, even though the area is full of tasty restaurants, you can have dinner in the hotel’s brasserie, which offers children menus.

But I haven’t told you the best part yet… the hotel’s fitness room, hammam and… swimming pool !

We played and relaxed the whole morning into it.
It was perfect for Emma as the pool was just deep enough for her !
And I could use the jet stream to fake exercising while she was playing with another little girl…


A word about the hotel’s location?

Well, I am not totally objective as this is my neighbourhood, but, believe me, it is the best place to stay for a city trip in Brussels.

The Sainte-Catherine area, a few minutes away from the Grand Place by foot, is classic and alternative altogether : the cobblestone streets, the ponds, the beautiful churches, the traditional fish restaurants… and the fancy boutiques from the rue Dansaert, the trendy bars and world food.

I can’t tell you all I think about it as it would be an article in itself (check out this one from the excellent TheCultureTrip….), but here are some places to go with the kids :

  • Chicago : for a brunch, lunch or piece of cake. A trendy bar-restaurant with a play area for the kids.
  • Gaston : for a tasty ice cream in the summer, a waffle in the colder days… a nice terrace and a cosy interior.
  • The terrace of the Markten/Paon Royal just in front of a playground is a must : enjoy your apero under the sun while the kids are having fun !
  • At the Noordzee, grab a shrimp croquette and join the joyful crowd savouring theirs on the high bar tables in front of the Sainte-Catherine church.
  • Pepin la lune and Supergreenme have nice children clothes and accessories.
  • A boat trip on the canal ?

That weekend made me want to be a tourist in Brussels!

Novotel Bedtimestories


Novotel Brussels CentreTour Noire – Rue de la Vierge Noire 32, 1000 Bruxelles

Novotel Tour Noire

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