Low pressure fitness **SuperMums Belgium**

Getting back to sport after giving birth…
You are so tired, ashamed of your body, you are not sure when, how to start and with what intensity.
And you’re stuck with the baby.
SuperMums Belgium proposes hypopressive exercises focused on future and new mums.
With a bunch of Belgomums we benefited from a private session. You curious, too?

Beatriz is a certified trainer of Low Pressure Fitness, the first and, for now, the only in Belgium.
She took the time to explain us how her trainings, mixing dynamic and hypopressive exercises, are particularly adapted to new mums.

Besides enhancing our physical condition and helping recovering our figure, low pressure fitness stimulates our pelvic floor, reeducates our posture and can correct abdominal diastases.

Beatriz explained us that we shouldn’t start high-impact sport before having reinforced our pelvic floor and reeducated our abdomen – it could lead to urinary incontinence problems or even organ descent, even though we don’t experience any pain.

So we tested a session of her SuperMums program, expecting a very soft gym, some kind of stretching exercises… and it felt like it at first…

… but then Beatriz put some latino music on, and we had no choice but to try and follow her lead !

It felt good and it was fun, but it also made us all realize how much we needed to get back into shape,… even the thinnest among us.

Low pressure fitness is particularly convenient for new mums, but not only : it is good for all those who feel the need of muscle toning, while taking care of their pelvic health.

SuperMums proposes different kind of sessions, depending on your shape and perinatal stage :

  • the SuperBellies for the pregnant women to control their weight and prepare their body for giving birth.
  • the SuperMums which is a postnatal training program (and you may bring your baby with you!!) : 30 minutes of low impact fitness (no jumps) and 30 minutes of hypoppresives.
  • the WonderWomums for the most sporty : 30 minutes of fitness, some jumps.
  • the Low pressure fitness for people with back pain or pelvic floor issues : 45 minutes sessions of breathing and postural exercises.

The sessions are given in Uccle, Ixelles and close to the European quarters, in French or in English.

The prices go from 25€ by class if you take a 10 group classes card to 35€ for a drop-in class.
Tell Beatriz you heard from her through A Mother in the City and you’ll get a 10% discount!

So, are you going back to sport, too ?

+32 (0)4 73 18 97 18
WorldClass Fitness
Spoken Uccle
Born to Move


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