A road trip to Rotterdam & The Hague #mumsgonewild

When you get kids, city trips become inexistent scarce. Road trips mean stress. And you don’t feel like leaving your family behind for more than a short weekend.
Well… get into your family car with a bunch of friends and head to the Netherlands !

That’s what we did 2 weeks ago with 3 other Mumbloggers to test the Toyota Grand Prius+ and we had a GREAT time.

The Mums
The Car
Stopover at Bergen op Zoom
The Hague
Our good addresses


The Mums

Or should I say the bad Mums? Because I mean, to leave for the weekend without even picking up the kids on their last day at school… and actually not really care about it ?
The four of us were exhausted and we soooo needed a break before the family vacation (’cause yes, this is exactly what you need before leaving your quiet office for 2 weeks of stewardship in the sun).

So, with Eve (aka Mes petits O), Odeline (aka Les petits papiers) and Emilie (aka Petit Em), we wanted to relax, to chat, to drink (thanks God I never had to be BOB in the evening),… and to hit the road !


The car

The Toyota Grand Prius + has a cool look for a monovolume.  Despite appearances, it is a seven-seater, with two fold-down rear seats. It offers ample legroom and the sense of space is enhanced by its panoramic roof.

I had to get used to driving an automatic, but I must admit that it encourages a smooth ride.
And it is hybrid : it combines electric motor and petrole engine, which means low CO2 emissions and fuel economy.
It is also very silent – quite an advantage for a relaxing girly trip made of gossips and jokes you really wanna catch.


Stopover in Bergen op Zoom

A 100km away from Brussels, we started to feel hungry – the bad Mums always forget the healthy snacks at home and how long can you live on Chocobons ?

Bergen op Zoom was the perfect place for a bitterballen stopover. Let’s get it straight : what happens in The Netherlands, stays in The Netherlands : you’ll eat them every day.




By the evening we arrived at our Airbnb in Rotterdam : a loft in a yoga studio !
Speak of a chill atmosphere…


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High heels, long skirt, fluo lipstick or silver top… we were soon ready to hit the city !
The Witte De Withstraat is a popular street full of nice bars and hotspots for foodies.

Some cocktails, a fancy restaurant, even a few cigarettes… we felt like we were 25 again. Until 23.00, that is.


Nieuw Rotterdams Cafe


We were all longing for this quiet, uninterrupted night.

It felt a bit like boarding school, and we woke up taking ourselves for Alicia Silverstone (hum… some of us just couldn’t get up, but I won’t denunciate anyone).
No cries, no “Mummmmmmyyyyyyy”, no bottle of milk in the microwave, no diaper to change… just the four of us, plenty of time to chat, have coffee and, oh, ultimate luxury, put on some make-up.

Time to brunch ! If you go to Rotterdam and are as fond of rooftops as I am, I can’t recommend you enough Op het dak, a urban garden/restaurant/coffee bar with a splendid view over the city.



Rotterdam is a great city to discover at your own pace.
It is really worth it if you are interested in architecture : historic, post-war reconstruction, modern buildings are mixed colourfully.
This huge Legoland is quiet and airy. If you turn around from time to time and switch perspectives you can admire so many different landscapes !


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The cube houses, the Markthal, the Nieuwe Maas… and some shopping later, we decided to head to our next destination : The Hague.



The Hague

As we already had our good night sleep, we felt more like Sarah Jessica Parker and friends than desperate housewives… we wanted to eat in a place for hipsters, surrounded by beautiful people, in an dazzling decor… and incidentally something tasty (you’re a blogger or you’re not).
Well, of course we found THE place.

Mama Kelly is located in the former boiler room of a cigarette factory (how cool, I know), on a small yacht harbour. We couldn’t resist a photoshoot in the sunset…



And we had a perfect evening.
Mama Kelly’s specialties are lobster… or chicken.
Tough choice, right?



The night was shorter than the previous one, and I must admit we didn’t visit much of The Hague, except for the boutiques… they happen to be open on Sunday afternoon.

So we had breakfast at the cosy Pistache, bought some presents for the kids (guilty Mums),… and catched up on Summer sales.



No Girl with a pearl earing which is on display at the Mauritshuis and we didn’t even go to the sea… but we really enjoyed strolling in this small, peaceful city.

Nice clothing, stationery, home decorating… concept stores, charming terraces and scarcely any car.


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And it was the end of this road trip in The Netherlands among mothers, bloggers and now friends… in a Toyota !


Our good addresses

In Rotterdam 

*Cocktail bar/restaurant : Nieuw Rotterdams CafeWitte de Withstraat 63
*Breakfast/brunch/lunch : Op het DakSchiekade 189
*Lunch or pastry (with kids) : Dudok, Meent 88
*Shopping (clothes): We are labelsMeent 119-121
*Deco/stationery : Søstrene Grene, Hoogstraat 183
*Peanut butter/cheese : MarkthalDominee Jan Scharpstraat 298

In The Hague

*Dinner : Mama Kelly, Saturnusstraat 100
*Breakfast/brunch : Pistache Cafe, Prinsestraat 134
*Lunch/Drink : MiluDriehoekjes 15
*Toys : Hout Sage, Molenstraat 21B
*Jeans : DenhamHoogstraat 25
*Children/Women/Men Clothes : Sissy-BoyVenestraat 11-13

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