L’asticot – fun bio kids clothes

A few months ago, a strange shop window appeared in the rue Dansaert : a terrarium, and behind the whole… funky kids clothes !
L’asticot is a responsible and bio children clothes brand, selling online and in two boutiques : one in Geneva, the other… in Brussels.

Colourful fabrics

You may have already spotted L’asticot‘s colourful and original patterns before.
Personally I used to buy those playful bio clothes for our kids and almost every friend’s newborn at Super Green Me.

The Dansaert boutique

But the collection has grown and in May  Geraldine (read her interview at the end of the article) opened a boutique dedicated to the brand in the rue Dansaert.

Its bright and minimalist interior highlight the sparkling colors of the collection, with a green touch reminding us L’asticot’s ecological approach.

Géraldine thought of the bored children following their mums on a shopping expedition : a little playground has been set up under the hanging rails, and the kids can climb on small ladders… to startle their parents !

Sustainable & soft

Made of organic wool or cotton, L’asticot’s garments are soft and pleasant to wear.
I am particularly fond of the hats and scarves lined with jersey – no “It’s itchyyyyyyy” complaints anymore !

The quality, elasticity and two positions press studs make the baby garments last longer than the usual ones.
And with their zip systems and elastic waists, the clothes are very easy for toddlers to put on.

L’asticot’s products are made in Portugal – the brand carefully controls the respect of its ecological and qualitative values through the whole manufacturing process.

FOr the whole family

Most of L’asticot’s garments are mixed-gender, which means they can be passed on from your son to his sister, cousin… and if you are a “matching outfits” enthousiast, some models have been extended to adult sizes.


Mum of two, Géraldine used to live in Schaerbeek until her recent move in Brussels’ centre.
Next to L’asticot, she has her own design textile collection that you can also find in the shop.
She kindly answered a few questions about L’asticot and her life of mother in the city.

L’asticot (the maggot), where does this funny name come from ?
It’s Christie, the founder of the brand, who chose it in reference to a nickname given to small children.
Could you sum up the project in one sentence ?
A mixed-gender, brightly coloured brand, designed to be eco and fair, in which kids like to live !
It is a women’s team behind L’asticot. How did the adventure start ?
It all started with Danielle and Christie, two long-time friends who wanted to create clothes in which kids can play, grow and that can be easily passed from brother to sister. Danielle used to work in communication, Christie is a stylist. Danielle left the adventure, but I joined it 7 years ago. Christie and I design the collections, she runs the store in Geneva, me in Brussels. Our third partner in crime, Prune, is L’asticot’s administrative and design assistant.
Where do you find inspiration ?
In our unconscious mind ! 😉
And with our children. We know they are sensible to animals for the designs. We follow our fancies for the colour palette : our basics are often bright red, navy blue, white… vibrant colours.
To whom are addressed your collections ?
Everybody, to children but also to their parents. We mean to design collections that please both. We do not want to dress our kids in mini adults. We want practical, long-lasting clothes allowing kids to manage on their own from a very early age (no buttons in the pants…).
The quality of the materials is our priority.
You are also a mother living in Brussels. What are the pros and cons of having children here, according to you ?
I find more pros than cons!
The cons would be the noise, the impossibility for low budgets to have a garden, the need to breathe more as we live with lots of people around us.
However, there are so many advantages of living in Brussels with kids : 
– everything is at hand : swimming pool, cinema, shopping, parks, theatre, sport activities… without having to use the car. All communes are easily accessible by public transportation.
– lots of free activities are organized.
– our city is multicultural and multilingual, I love having the impression to be on holiday all the time and you learn about different cultures.
– kids are sociable from an early age as they meet different children every time we stroll in parks or in the city.
– the 3 train stations that bring us almost everywhere in Belgium in one hour !
What are your favorite family spots/activities in Brussels ?
My kids love strolling at Rouge-cloître and I must admit that it makes me feel good too. 
A walk in the city centre, dropping by Tropisme and reading lots of books with the children. 
An icecream at Frederic Blondeel because they put the cone under a chocolate fontain !
Food shopping at the Tanneurs on Sunday after a stroll in the Jeu de Balle, I love it, with or without the kids. 
When they were younger, we spent a lot of time at the Ferme nos Pilifs. We still go there from time to time by bike, from the centre it is a nice ride, almost only on bike lanes. 

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