The Little Steam Train of Forest

With the return of a nice(r) weather, the Little Steam Train of Forest is back on track !

From the end of April until the beginning of October, model steam trains take children (and their parents) on a ride in the Bempt Park.

The beautiful trains are conducted by miniature train enthusiasts who carry this project older than 30 years.

For a modest price (2-3€, depending on the course length) you get your tickets at the small railway station counter and are assigned to a train by the controller in uniform. Because, careful guys, this is not an amusement park and people take the whole affair very seriously.

And this is probably what makes it so special. You are really plunged into the atmosphere of a little station !

On the station master’s whistle, the trains take you on a ride through the park (the longest one is about 1,5 km – 15′).

After the ride (or during it, depending on you children’s age – and your partner’s devotion to them), you savour a gueuze on the terrace of the ‘buvette’ next to the rails.

Before leaving, the little devils will love the playground with areas for all ages !

To get there from the city centre with public transportation, take the train or the tram 82.
You can also go by bike along the canal.

The Little Steam Train of Forest – Chaussée de Neerstalle 323 B, 1190 

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