Josaphat Park – The Park to Be

It had been years since our last visit to the Josaphat Park. Before the kids.

Brussels isn’t that big, but you quickly get your habits.
Last weekend we felt like going “somewhere new”, and this big park in Schaerbeek was a pretty good choice.
The Josaphat Park has been through a renovation during the last 10 years and it became the favorite of all Schaerbeekois, but not only !
It is so diversified that you can easily spend a whole day exploring its different facets with the kids.
And during the summer, animations are organized every day, especially for the families on weekends : it is The Park To Be !

The project divides the Park in 5 main areas : the Youth Park, the Archery Plain, the Music Pavillon, the Azaleas Plain and the Donkeys Pen.

The Archery Plain

We started with a picnic on the large lawns of the Archery Plain, where some lie out in the sun, others enjoy the shadows of its trees and children play together under their parents’ tranquil supervision.

There is also a guinguette, the Buvette Sint Sebastiaan, opened from Wednesday to Sunday, which organizes aperos from 16.00 on Sundays.

The Azaleas PlainΒ 

To get to this lawn where workshops and yoga courses are organized, take the tarmac paths sliding under the trees, along wild natural stretches and small ponds with ducks and gooses.

The Donkeys Pen

This part of the park was our kids’ favorite. For the donkeys of course, but also because of the nice playground next to their pasture.

The Music Pavillon

I told you that you could easily spend a day with the kids in the Park without annoying yourselves… before we knew it, it was aperotime.

The perfect place for it is La Laiterie, one of the little sisters of Woodpecker in the Bois de la Cambre. On the shady terrace or in its fancy interior, you can grab a bite, have a nice cocktail or a chai latte (can’t wait for this trend to be over).

In the meanwhile, the children can play with the outdoor games graciously put at their disposal or play on the square and in the pavillon.

In short

The Josaphat Park was a very nice surprise and we all had a great time, lazing/playing around.

And we haven’t discovered it all yet ! There is also a mini golf and a youth park (for the latter, cross the avenue Louis Bertrand)… have you been there yet ?

Josaphat Park – Schaerbeek

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