*Strokar Inside* Street art with kids

A former supermarket hosts a beautiful street art exhibition in swanky Ixelles. We went to visit it with the kids last weekend and we all loved it !

The weekend following the tragic back to school, the kids were tired and unmanageable (I mean, more than usual). So we discussed quiet some time with their Dad whether going to a museum really was the best idea… needless to specify whose it was – we went to Strokar Inside.

Sgraffitos Art Nouveau, comics murals, graffiti… they color the walls of our city, sometimes they surprise us and I love showing them to the kids when we bike through Brussels. And as we live along the canal we are pretty much surrounded by street art.

So they felt completely at home when entering in the former Delhaize of the ChaussΓ©e de Waterloo, now turned into a raw street art exhibition hall.

At times psychedelic, dark, wacky, realist, fun or profound… the works of the Belgian and International talented street artists who participated to the project make a lasting impression.




The place is huge (5.000m2) with music and spotlights so the kids may play a bit around.

Ruben kept going up and down the ramp painted in neon colours while Emma was looking for her “favorite drawing”.


Strokar Inside combines a museum, a gallery, a cool bar area, a shop and will host events and performances. Until when ? No one knows. It is a precarious occupation but considering its ambition, I guess you can quietly pick a date for a visit (with or without kids)!

Strokar InsidechaussΓ©e de Waterloo 569, 1050 Brussels

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