Quick and Tasty Lunch in Brussels *Chez Mauricette*

The EU quarters are getting spoiled with some cool restaurants lately, particularly the surroundings of the Place Jean Rey, next to the Leopold park. The latest spot is called Chez Mauricette, and behind the retro charm of its name is a peculiar salad-bar with an industrial yet cosy interior.

Quick & tasty lunch in Brussels *Living Room*

You work in the surroundings of  the EU quarter and are fed up with the burgers and greasy salads from the Place du Luxembourg? You long for a cool and cosy spot to have a quick and tasty lunch? You found just the place.

Quick and tasty lunch in Brussels

One of the things you miss the most when you become parents is your couple some time alone with you loved one. Remember the time you got bored with evenings out in restaurants and bars? Me neither.