*Strokar Inside* Street art with kids

A former supermarket hosts a beautiful street art exhibition in swanky Ixelles. We went to visit it with the kids last weekend and we all loved it !

Que faire avec les enfants quand il pleut à Bruxelles ?

Ben oui, PARFOIS, il pleut sur notre belle Bruxelles… et parfois, on a quand même envie de sortir avec les kids. D’accord, mais où ? Voici une sélection d’activités pour les week-end gris, froids ou humides bruxellois.

Museum with kids in Brussels °Train World°

Brussels has been cold, grey and damp lately. After 2 holiday weeks at home with a toddler and a baby, I was longing for a family activity outside the home. We decided it was high time to pay a visit to Train World, the train museum which opened in Schaerbeek a bit more than a…

May Baby… Mouais.

La 3e édition de May Baby a démarré le week-end dernier au Wiels. J’étais très curieuse de découvrir cet événément dédié aux tout petits…

Family day Rubens at Bozar

Today, the Rubens exhibition by Bozar was open to families with children. A perfect occasion for us to reconnect with art (whaaaat?), as we clearly haven’t  been in a museum for ages. And this is typically one of those activities you miss deeply when you get children and don’t have the luxury (not) to do it.