10 reasons worth cycling in Brussels

I used to be a car addict. I took it to visit a friend living a few metro stations away, to go to the park, shopping, bring the kids to the nursery (500 meters away) and, of course, to work. One year ago, we tested a cargo bike during the mobility week. We bought it…

Botanic Garden Meise

The Botanic Garden Meise is a hidden gem, only 10 kilometres away from the centre of Brussels : 92 hectares of luxuriant vegetation, a great place to spend a sunny day with the kids !

A bike ride along Brussel’s canal

Since the sun decided to show up in Brussels, and after a few test rides with Ruben in the bicycle trailer, we had several bike trips with the kids along the canal – a safe way to escape a little from the city centre with a flat bicycle path. Follow us towards Vilvoorde!

Balade insolite à Forest

Un matin froid mais lumineux, l’emprise des bonnes résolutions de début d’année et l’envie de découvrir un autre coin de Bruxelles : nous voici partis pour une balade en vélo jusqu’à l’abbaye de Forest ! Follow us to discover an area of Brussels which is little visited : Forest. (map included)