Alone with the kids

So he’s gone for almost 3 weeks. It was my idea of birthday present, this mountain bike trip in the Grand Canyon, so really I am not allowed to complain. And I don’t intend to. I mean, the coming days alone with an 8 months baby and a 3,5 years old toddler will be fun. Won’t…

Let it go

I am an independent woman. A 21st century working mother, juggling between her job, her kids,… and her householdkeeper. I never wanted to rely on my parents (/-in-law) for any of those aspects. Because I consider them my responsibility,  because I want to preserve my beloved privacy, because I am proud. Anyway, this week I…

A Monday morning without her

So I woke up with my alarm clock – had totally forgotten its little music I once so carefully chose. Opened my eyes, grabbed my phone and sighted. Gosh it feels good to have a 8 hours sleep.

Taking care of… yourself?

Today is my third Friday off, as I am going to work part-time until December. I must say even though I knew I was tired and did not hesitate long before making this decision, I didn’t realize then how much I needed this break.

How I decided to work part time to stick to my destructive job

Part time working mothers. I always have considered them in a patronizing way, as women without any kind of professional ambition, who secretly enjoy the housework and live in total abnegation for the sake of their children and husband. My job was one of those things I would never let go, a bit like spending…

Alone at last

A sunny, very sunny day in Brussels. I was supposed to be working from home but I decided at 16.00 to call it a day and to FINALLY have this beer on my own on the terrace of the Barbeton.

A freaking mother in the city

I always met two kind of young parents : the ones who said that having children did not prevent them from leading their fulfilling existence, and the ones who kept repeating how « it changes your life », this sentence being immediately followed by a suspicious« but you don’t want to do without them »….